Where to watch the Qatar World Cup in Italy

Where to watch the Qatar World Cup in Italy

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After months of back-to-back controversies and scandals, the 2022 Qatar World Cup finally started on Sunday, November 20th, with Ecuador beating the home team 2-0 in the tournament opener. 

The remaining 63 matches will be played between today and Sunday, December 18th – the day of the final – at one of the following times: 11am, 2pm, 4pm, 5pm or 8pm Italian time.

So, how can football fans catch the games in Italy?

Well, there are a number of options available, starting with watching the games on Italian television.

RAI, Italy’s public broadcaster, will air all World Cup matches – from the group stages right to the tournament’s final – with games being broadcast on Rai1, Rai2, Rai3 or RaiSport (channel 57). 

The above channels are available on all Italian TVs and viewing is free of charge. 

Those looking to watch the games in the company of fellow football fans may be able to do so at their local sports bar. Photo by Justin TALLIS / AFP

For those who might not have access to a TV, games will also be available on RAI’s streaming platform, RaiPlay, which can be accessed online at the following link or through the RaiPlay mobile app. 

Once again, viewing will be free of charge, though users will be required to create their own RaiPlay account first.

It’s worth noting that, for the first time since 2002, RAI owns exclusive rights to the World Cup, which means that no other broadcaster (Sky, DAZN, Prime, etc.) will be able to air the matches.

RAI’s full group stage schedule can be found at the end of this article.

With that being said, World Cup tournaments aren’t just about football games. They’re also about sharing good and bad moments with other fans and being part of a wider football community.

So, if you’d rather watch the games in the company of locals or, perhaps, some of your fellow countrymen, your best bet would be to head down to your local sports bar.

It goes almost without saying that there’s no shortage of bars broadcasting football matches in Italy, with even the smallest villages across the boot having at least one such venue.

So, we hope you enjoy the World Cup and may the best team win!

Group stage TV schedule:

Monday, November 21st

2pm – England-Iran (Group B) – Rai2, RaiPlay

5pm – Senegal-Netherlands (Group A) – Rai1, RaiPlay

8pm – USA-Wales (Group B) – Rai1, RaiPlay

Tuesday, November 22nd 

11am – Argentina-Saudi Arabia (Group C) – Rai2, RaiPlay

2pm – Denmark-Tunisia (Group D) – Rai2, RaiPlay

5pm – Mexico-Poland (Group C) – Rai2, RaiPlay

8pm – France-Australia (Group D) – Rai1, RaiPlay

Wednesday, November 23rd

11am – Morocco-Croatia (Group F) – Rai2, RaiPlay

2pm – Germany-Japan (Group E) – Rai1, RaiPlay

5pm – Spain-Costa Rica (Group E) – Rai3, RaiPlay

8pm – Belgium-Canada (Group F) – Rai1, RaiPlay

Thursday, November 24th

11am – Switzerland-Cameroon (Group G) – Rai2, RaiPlay

2pm – Uruguay-South Korea (Group H) – Rai2, RaiPlay

5pm – Portugal-Ghana (Group H) – Rai2, RaiPlay

8pm – Brazil-Serbia (Group G) – Rai1, RaiPlay

Friday, November 25th

11am – Wales-Iran (Group B) – Rai2, RaiPlay

2pm – Qatar-Senegal (Group A) – Rai2, RaiPlay

5pm – Netherlands-Ecuador (Group A) – Rai3, RaiPlay

8pm – England-USA (Group B) – Rai1, RaiPlay

Saturday, November 26th

11am – Tunisia-Australia (Group D) – Rai2, RaiPlay

2pm – Poland-Saudi Arabia (Group C) – Rai2, RaiPlay

5pm – Argentina-Mexico (Group C) – Rai1, RaiPlay

8pm – France-Denmark (Group D) – Rai1, RaiPlay

Sunday, November 27th

11am – Japan-Costa Rica (Group E) – Rai2, RaiPlay

2pm – Belgium-Morocco (Group F) – Rai1, RaiPlay

5pm – Croatia-Canada (Group F) – Rai1, RaiPlay

8pm – Spain-Germany (Group E) – Rai1, RaiPlay

Monday, November 28th 

11am – Cameroon-Serbia (Group G) – Rai2, RaiPlay

2pm – South Korea-Ghana (Group H) – Rai2, RaiPlay

5pm – Brazil-Switzerland (Group G) – Rai1, RaiPlay

8pm – Portugal-Uruguay (Group H) – Rai1, RaiPlay

Tuesday, November 29th

4pm – Netherlands-Qatar (Group A) – Rai1, RaiPlay

4pm – Ecuador-Senegal (Group A) – Rai1, RaiPlay

8pm – Wales-England (Group B) – Rai1, RaiPlay

8pm – Iran-USA (Group B) – RaiSport, RaiPlay

Wednesday, November 30th 

4pm – Tunisia-France (Group D) – Rai1, RaiPlay

4pm – Australia-Denmark (Group D) – RaiSport, RaiPlay

8pm – Poland-Argentina (Group C) – Rai1, RaiPlay

8pm – Saudi Arabia-Mexico (Group C) – RaiSport, RaiPlay

Thursday, December 1st

4pm – Croatia-Belgium (Group F) – Rai1, RaiPlay

4pm – Canada-Morocco (Group F) – RaiSport, RaiPlay

8pm – Japan-Spain (Group E) – Rai1, RaiPlay

8pm – Costa Rica-Germany (Group E) – RaiSport, RaiPlay

Friday, December 2nd

4pm – South Korea-Portugal (Group H) – Rai1, RaiPlay

4pm – Ghana-Uruguay (Group H) – RaiSport, RaiPlay

8pm – Cameroon-Brazil (Group G) – Rai1, RaiPlay

8pm – Serbia-Switzerland (Group G) – RaiSport, RaiPlay