The 16 Most Shocking Matches in the World Cup

The 16 Most Shocking Matches in the World Cup

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Germany v Japan: Group E – FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 / Stuart Franklin/GettyImages

In the second half, Germany continued to put pressure on the Japanese defense. The game changed after Japan made a substitution. The two players who entered the field managed to score two winning goals.

Korea Republic v Germany: Group F – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia / Alexander Hassenstein/GettyImages

As predicted, Germany played on the attack and repeatedly terrorized the South Korean goal guarded by Cho Hyun-woo, but nothing worked.

When it looked like the match would end 0-0, Korea counterattacked, and finally scored against Manuel Neuer in the 92nd minute through Kim Young-gwon. Tottenham star Son Heung-min added to Germany’s misery after scoring Korea’s second goal in the 96th minute.

Germany not only failed to qualify for the last 16, but they are also in last place in Group F behind Sweden, Mexico and South Korea.


But with the group format in the finals, the number of goals scored is not more important than the number of points accumulated by the team. It was successfully exploited by Uruguay, which is also in the finals.

Uruguay and Brazil meet in the final match to determine who has the right to take first place. In that match, Uruguay managed to surprise the whole world by winning 2-1 over Brazil.

Switzerland won against Spain in the 2010 World Cup / Laurence Griffiths/GettyImages

Spain faced Switzerland in their first game in the 2010 World Cup. They failed to show good performance until they lost with a score of 0-1.

Fortunately, Spain managed to get up after that, and was able to win victory after victory until it won the tournament.

Spain v Netherlands: Group B – 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil / Jeff Gross/GettyImages

The match went on, and the Netherlands were surprisingly able to give a very good performance, and their attacks were able to sting sharply.

The match ended in a 5-1 win for the Netherlands, and it was an embarrassing moment for Spain.

The FIFA World Cup / National Historical Photo Library./GettyImages

Ahead of the match, Hungary was the superior team, but West Germany was surprisingly able to show a very good performance.

West Germany managed to win with a score of 3-2, and this result was certainly not expected by many spectators of that year’s World Cup.

Scottish supporters sing and support Scotland during a World Cup match in Argentina / Getty Images/GettyImages

Unfortunately, the Netherlands failed to deliver an inspiring performance against Scotland and lost 3-2.

This is of course a surprising defeat for the Netherlands, because on paper their team is more star-studded than Scotland.

FBL-WC-1974-GDR-FRG / -/GettyImages

However, East Germany was the team that played better in this match, and managed to win with a score of 1-0.

Luckily for West Germany, this defeat did not affect their mentality, and they still managed to win the 1974 World Cup tournament.


But in this match, Spain couldn’t prove that they were the better team, and had to lose with a score of 0-1.

In the end, Spain did not manage to secure first place in their group, and had to settle for second.

Ahn jung-hwan became South Korea’s hero against Italy in the 2002 World Cup / Alessandro Sabattini/GettyImages

One of the controversial matches was when South Korea faced Italy, where the referee was considered by most to favor the home team.

South Korea eventually won with a score of 2-1, and they eventually made it to the semifinals.

Argentina v Saudi Arabia: Group C – FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 / Matthias Hangst/GettyImages

Argentina took the lead through Messi’s penalty, but Saudi Arabia showed excellent defense and counterattacked quickly.

The team from Asia finally managed to get two goals, and make Argentina bow at the end of the match.

Argentina v Cameroon – FIFA World Cup Italy Group B / Etsuo Hara/GettyImages

Argentina failed to penetrate Cameroon’s defense, despite having star players like Diego Maradona and Abel Balbo.

Overall Cameroon performed well in the 1990 World Cup, and made it to the quarter-finals.

England v USA / Keystone/GettyImages

Unfortunately, England were unable to provide a performance commensurate with their big names. England lost with a score of 1-0 which surprised many parties.

England was only able to collect two points in the group stage and had to settle for being in second place.

The FIFA World Cup 2002 / Simon M Bruty/GettyImages

Senegal was having their golden generation at that time, and managed to surprise France with their good performance.

In the end France lost with a score of 0-1 and failed to qualify from the group stage.

North Korean national soccer team players celebrat / STAFF/GettyImages

This fact makes Italy the favorite to win a convincing victory in this match. But in fact North Korea performed well and managed to win with a score of 0-1.

Due to this defeat, Italy failed to progress from the group stage, and it was an embarrassing result for them.

Brazil v Germany: Semi Final – 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil / Buda Mendes/GettyImages

Germany literally broke the hearts of the crowd in the stadium by scoring goal after goal in such a short space of time in the first half.

It was as if Brazil couldn’t believe what was happening on the field, and that defeat still has a strong impression to this day.